Welcome to the new home of results for some of the competitions under the DCRA umbrella. Please be patient as we get the site off the ground. Everything should be running smoothly by competition time.


  • Bernard Pepin

    Hi Kathy!

    This is excellent! Two thumbs up!

    • Kath

      Thanks, Bernie and GordO! It was an awesome weekend, for sure. 🙂

      As for pics, you asked and we answered! The first batch of pictures, courtesy Chris Jones, have been posted and we hope to get some others up soon.

      ~ K

  • Gord Ogg

    Thanks again to all the hard working organizers,staff,support workers and markers who produced another (69th ! ) VicDaze Match Weekend.
    The first of many great events at Connaught Ranges this summer.
    Great to see the old friends and to meet many new faces!
    The weather was indescribably fantastic.
    Hope some took pictures that could be posted…..
    Best regards
    Gord O

  • Gerald Bergeron

    Hi Kathy,

    This is a GREAT idea !!

    Thank you

    Gerald Bergeron m.d.
    Black Powder shooter.